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The Perth Lions have been contributing to the Perth and surrounding communities for over 70 years! We are proud to be able to support:
  • The Perth Salvation Army

  • The Perth Food Bank

  • Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

  •  The Ottawa Heart Institute

  • The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

  •  The Canadian Diabetes Association

  •  The Canadian Cancer Society

  •  The Great War Memorial Hospital (now in excess of $150,000.00.)

  • The Children's Breakfast program at local elementary schools.

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We also:
  • Present yearly bursaries to Perth’s two high schools.

  • Donate funds to unfortunate families who have serious needs.

  • Purchase eyeglasses for children with a very specialized need.

  • Collect eyeglasses for third-world countries.

  • Raise funds with a Bridge Toll for The Canadian National Institute of the Blind.

  • We support Camp Dorset for children requiring dialysis treatment.

  • In addition, our club donated the Millennium Gates to the Town of Perth located in Stewart Park.

  • A soccer field at Conlon Farm and contributed monies towards pillars to the entrance of the Glass Palace at the entrance to the Perth Basin.

  • These are just some of the different causes our Club has supported over the last 70 years and we will continue to give assistance when called upon by our community!


Our Club is always in need of new members and if you would like to find out more about becoming a Lion, you are welcome to attend one of our meetings any time.


You can contact Lion Anne Bell at 705-424-9709 (this is a local number) or email Anne at

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